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Skyrim Steam Sale

Skyrim is now 50% off on steam, only $9.99, and the Legendary Edition, which has all DLC's is also 40% off at $23.99. All the DLC's are on sale as well.

The Sale Ends on Monday, June 30th.

Help with Hearthfire bugs.

Can anybody here help me out? There are two very minor but still annoying glitches in Hearthfire that I would really like fixed, and it seems like NOBODY cares enough to fix them. Does anybody know of any mods that fix them, or where I could get info to fix them myself?

One bug is one that's been around since Hearthfire was released. When you buy Lakeview and live there, your spouse will go outside, walk to the side of the house, and stand there all day looking completely stupid. They're trying to get onto the porch of the Armory, I think it is, and if you don't have that room, then your spouse won't go do other things instead. They just stand outside all day wanting on the roof until it's time to go back in the house. The person who handles the Unofficial Hearthfire Patch once told me that was something that would be fixed by the patch, but it seems they've never actually done it since then. It's been over a year with no fix, and their last Hearthfire patch update was mostly some minor subtitle changes. :(

The other is a more recent glitch, that came about around the time of Bethesda's last official update to Skyrim. The bards, at least in the Hearthfire homes, sing the wrong faction song. I can ask Llewellyn to sing Age of Oppression, and he'll make his "Stormcloak through and through" comment, but then he starts singing Age of Aggression. If I play an Imperial backer, it's the same thing. They make their comment, then sing the Stormcloak song instead. It's annoying, especially from the RP standpoint. My main character is a Stormcloak who is married to Angrenor, the most badass soldier the Stormcloaks ever had. I don't appreciate my bard singing the praises of the enemy, but I can't seem to find a fix and I don't know a thing about modding to do it myself.

Any help with these two problems would be HUGELY appreciates. I stopped playing Skyrim a while back because, after several hundred total house of playing I figured it wouldn't hurt to take a short break while I waited for the patches to fix these bugs, but now it's 9 months later and still no fixes, and I miss playing.



I just restarted Skyrim after ages of not playing. I haven't played since before any of the expansions came out. I just completed bleak falls barrow and came back to the town to discover a courir waiting for me. He told me that I had inheriated some money. So when I read the letter it told me Faendril was dead. Now I never had him as a follower so how could he die and what impact if any will it have on the game

Recurring Characters

I recently started thinking about recurring characters in the Elder Scrolls series. There aren't really that many of them. I know character building isn't necessarily Bethesda's strong point, not compared to a studio like Bioware, but there's an awful lot of potential floating around. There was a thread concerning this in the Lore forums on the official TES site a few years ago, and I think the list ended up standing as such:

- Barenziah and Helseth (yet sadly not my beloved Morgiah) made the transition from Daggerfall and turned up in Tribunal.
- The King of Worms, another favourite of mine, was resurrected from Daggerfall to Oblivion (although there is some dispute as to whether the flimsy-looking Altmer we were given was actually him).
- Drarayne Thelas (the crazy rat lady from Balmora) has a sister who turns up in Oblivion, Arvena Thelas (another crazy rat lady to boot).
- Jiub, our favourite prison roomie from the beginning of Morrowind, gets a mention in Dawnguard.
- Sonja Snow-Song of Bloodmoon turns up posthumously near Dive Rock in Oblivion.
- A relative of Valen Dreth (from the prison in Oblivion) is hanging around in the Bee & Barb in Riften in Skyrim.
- Emperor Uriel VIII, of course, is instrumental in Arena, Daggerall and Oblivion.
- Chancellor Ocato - he's a big player in Oblivion, but he is actually also the guy you see with the Emperor in the live-action intro to Daggerfall.
- M'aiq the liar has turned up in each game since Morrowind.
- The daedra of course have presences in all the games, though in some cases their personalities and artistic design have changed a little (I personally preferred the ginger-haired banker version of Sheogorath from Daggerfall).
- Arguably the Hero of Kvatch, the PC from Oblivion, cameoed in Skyrim as the madgod (makes some suggestive remarks about knowing Martin, and if Shivering Isles is canon then it's sort of a done deal...)

But what I really want to know is what characters you'd like to see recurring, and why.

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Yuck . . .

This is going to be one of those days.  I've gotten to where I can spot them a couple of miles away.

It started last night when I just couldn't seem to keep my eyes open 2 hours before my normal bed time.  Then one of the cats woke me up at 0400 wanting food.  After feeding them and returning to sleep, I awoke again at 0830 to discover it raining outside.  Sure enough, I can't stand up straight and can barely walk.  No, I don't feel up to sitting in a chair playing video games, either.

I think I'm going to spike my coffee and try to lay back down for a few hours.  Perhaps by then my mood will improve.
Thanks for the helpful suggestions on ways to cope with the save-file-bloat on the PS3 (from my earlier rant).  After much experimentation and careful observation, I've come to the conclusion that the whole problem has to do with - your carry capacity versus the actual weight of what you're carrying.  Traveling light seems to help a LOT.  I can carry a nearly unlimited number of arrows, but if I add 2 full sets of armor, and 2 bows and 2 swords, the game starts getting wonky - and don't even think about just going out for a walk with no idea about anything but gathering wild ingredients, because you're going to end up with animal hides, dragon bones/scales, poisons, misc. items recovered from victim inventory . . . . . and you'll be well over your carry limit NO MATTER WHAT IT IS.  So the new rule is - do NOT ever increase stamina when you level up - at least on the PS3.

Also, if you build an Armory - don't do it at the Markarth house.  The Armor mannequins work just fine, but the cases under them eat inventory.  I lost about 15 sets of Vampire Armor (some upgraded to Flawless) and an equal number of matching boots.
Over on Diaspora* someone posted an animated .gif of a yellow parakeet attacking a blue werewolf action figurine with something similar to a Nordic double-bladed War Axe - holding it horizontally in it's beak.  The parakeet wins.  It is hilarious! 

Picking bones about DLC . . .

One of my personal beefs with DLC - in general - is the lack of access to a game-guide to tell you what the *usually not obvious* next step in a quest will be.  Imagine having to go into Bleak Falls Barrow and solve the floor switch puzzle with no idea that those columns could be turned.

I ran into that over the last few days while trying to get the Landowner, Land Baron, Architect and Master Architect Trophies.  I had Landowner and Architect because I'd already built Lakeview Manor - and I accidentally had tripped over creating the one for Marthal when I got rid of their vampire problem . . .

But - where is the third one?  The Hearthfire description on the Playstation Store doesn't say.  Neither does the material that came in the package with the game disc.  I had to pause my game and come over to the computer and search the Skyrim Wiki to learn that the key to the third build-it-yourself home is in . . . . . Dawnstar.  That's ridiculous. You should never have to leave your game to seek information not included in the game.  Shoot, at one point, I actually considered that it might be Rorikstead.

I have deep sympathies for . . . .

ANYONE foolish enough to attempt to determine just how much blind stubbornness it takes to get the Master Trophy on the PS3 (reaching Level 50 with one character).  By the time you get to level 30, the save file bloat gets so bad that I can leave my chair, walk into the kitchen & refill my coffee, and be sitting comfortably back in my chair before a new area has loaded.  But of course, Bethesda can't be bothered with fixing it officially, and mods won't work on the PS3.

Mea Culpa?

We've all had our share of fun, poking fun at Bethesda for dropping the ball on one aspect of TES or another, so imagine my surprise when I found something they actually got right.

Sometime last week I was mentioning the difficulty I was having with getting the Master Criminal trophy, and someone said something along the lines of "a better question is, why don't you have the DLC?"  My excuse was that I'm saving what little I can spare for the next computer I'm going to have to buy.

But the question stuck in my mind, so I went to E-bay and did some poking around.  I already knew that if I just bought DLC through the Playstation Store, it would cost me $20 each, no negotiating.  $60 for all of it.  Factor in the $29 I already spent on the original game disc, and I'm looking at $90.

On E-bay, I found a copy of the Skyrim: Legendary Edition for $39.  Plus I know several local places where I can sell my original disc to make back some of the money.  Long story short - I did it, and the disc arrived here Monday.

Mind you, Ruby has been fully enjoying her elite Companion Armor, and it looks mighty fine on her.  She was still wearing it when she went out on her first assignment with the Dawnguard (who, surprisingly, weren't very hard to convince that she had what it took to be a vampire hunter).  Ruby was still wearing her Companion Armor when she first met Serana, and later Serana's dad.

But, all the lore and mythology of planet earth says that the bloodlines don't mix, except possibly (if you accept the Underworld story lines) at the very oldest and highest levels.  A vampire bitten by a wolf will die, or a wolf bitten by a vampire will die.  So how to resolve Bethesda's problem of putting the Companions in the original disc of the game, but devoting one entire chapter of DLC to vampires?

Well, I don't want to spoil it too terribly for anyone who hasn't checked out that idea yet, but I really do like the way Bethesda resolved the issue.  It's totally up front and honest.  For once, they did it right.


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